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Logistics turns into COVID-Test Centre

To protect all of us from COVID-19 infection, our logistics centre in Berka/Vacha has been used as a test centre since April this year. Our colleagues…


We are World Market Leader!

This year, the internet portal "Die Deutsche Wirtschaft" published a list of German world market leaders and we can proudly count ourselves among the…


Virtual Tour of our Wuppertal Offices!

Although, and due to the pandemic, we are currently working almost exclusively in the flexoffice, we are very proud of our local premises in…


We have arrived in New Work 2021!

When choosing an employer, flexibility, openness to new ways of working and being future-oriented are becoming increasingly important. For these…


Online trade fairs on the rise

In times of Corona, trade fairs are a red rag to many. The Engel & Jung Group, a STORCH wholesaler, has made a virtue of necessity and converted the…

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Digital job interviews

Many areas of work and life are experiencing noticeable restrictions in the current situation. This also affects the classic job interview in the…

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