Bright Spot


The view from the roof of Storch-Ciret Group's (GSC) new main building on the sunset over Wuppertal: a genuinely bright spot. Just like the new development itself. The scaffolding was removed a few weeks ago – and now we have an unrestricted view of the building. There is more glass than brickwork. You can already tell from the outside how brightly lit the new facilities are. The new main building will be ready for everyone to move in at the end of March. The anticipation of working in the new main building is vast: “the building is bathed in light, transparent and brightly lit. We were able to create ideal conditions for our everyday activities here. Its architecture and transparency will inspire us in our work,” Managing Director Werner Averkamp explains. “We are looking forward to bringing the new facilities to life.”

Marketing Communications

Cemile Özügül
Storch-Ciret Holding GmbH
Platz der Republik 6
42107 Wuppertal