Every Single Person Counts

Self-awareness, motivation and company identification on the part of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. We assign each individual responsibility, determine mutual goals and continuously monitor his or her sense of satisfaction. Regular interviews conducted for appraisals and to set objectives are as much a part of our program as measures for further training and the opportunity for self-development.

Each person who exercises management responsibility in our company orients and measures him or herself according to our written leadership principles and each of our staff has the right to make claim to these principles.

One special responsibility is displayed by the engagement of the Horst Rogusch Foundation, which supports education in trade in European countries with circumstances differing strongly from the general level of prosperity. In the conviction that only a solid middle class with trade as basis can generate wealth, our majority shareholder has devoted his private assets to this goal.

Our topmost priority is achievement of maximum benefit for our different customers.