STORCH – The Pinnacle of Professional Productivity

The STORCH company division is fully dedicated to professional users. STORCH designs and manufactures high-quality painting tools for professional craftsmen and stockists. We know just what the pros need, having had constant interaction with professionals on site and in the paint and coatings industry. And we can offer solutions neatly tailored to the latest trends in the sector. We always supply tradesmen and retailers with the finest selection of products, system solutions and services.

STORCH for Professionals

STORCH products and services ensure that pros can achieve excellent results from their work and maximise their productive working time. Organisations can boost their efficiency and guarantee top-class results with STORCH and our high-quality products specifically developed for professionals' needs, sophisticated concepts, fast delivery and unparalleled support.

STORCH for the Retail Market

Stockists are perfectly equipped when they become STORCH partners. Our wide range of professional painting tools is eye-catching, offering outstanding service and promotional opportunities to grow sales. Our fast delivery and personalised support help to optimise stockists' inventory and increase their availability of goods. We call it team distribution! Professional firms can increase their productivity with these joint efforts to meet needs.