Logistics at the heart of Germany.

Storch-Ciret Group subsidiaries
As a subsidiary, Storch-Ciret Logistics GmbH has been part of the Storch-Ciret Group since 1992. Initially in Berka and since 2011, due to the growth of the Storch-Ciret Group, also represented in Vacha.
Two logistics locations
The Berka logistics center, as the headquarters, is located directly next to the A4 motorway near the Kirchheim Junction. There is a second site in Vacha, which is easily accessible via the A4 or A7 motorways.
Storage area
With 25,000 pallet bays and 20,000 container bays on a storage area of 14,000 m², the Berka site offers space for 9,000 different articles. In Vacha, around 4,000 articles can be stored on a storage area of 13,000 m² and 12,000 pallet bays.
Fast delivery times
> 98% of all shipments reach our customers in Germany within 24 hours. In the delivery areas Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, shipments are delivered within 48 hours.
Number of staff
Daily, we operate with 120 of our own professionally trained staff, enabling our customers to attain peak performance.

Products and services.

  • Contract logistics and fulfilment

    That is our core business: handling your products.

    In our incoming goods department, we handle all the required tasks. In addition to delivery note processing, unloading, recording and quantity control, we also carry out extensive quality checks and sampling. We focus on individual customer requirements. For example, one of our customers has set up a sample warehouse for its products and we check the incoming goods against these quality samples.

    We unload and palletize about 1000 sea containers per year. Containers can be delivered by rail in an uncomplicated way, because the terminal in Phillipsthal is only 15 km away.

    Picking and shipping is done nationally and internationally for both our B2B and B2C customers.
    Due to our scalable and flexible warehouse technology we are well prepared for the different shipment structures of our customers. Shipping individual spare parts or small parts is just as easy for us as handling complete truckloads.

    Using modern recording and picking technology, such as scanners and pick-by-voice, we design efficient processes that support a smooth shipping process.

  • Warehousing

    More than 37,000 pallet bays are available at the two locations all told.

    In addition to flexible manual warehouse technology, this high storage capacity is also managed by an eight-aisle automatic pallet warehouse and a two-aisle tote warehouse with an attached conveyor system.

    In addition, a stock of storage containers is available for flexible use by our customers on request. This means that ordered products can be packed into our storage containers immediately during production. This simplifies handling, transport and storage, and saves packing material.

  • Returns processing

    Professional handling of returns and return deliveries is part of our complete range of services. We have experienced employees who are familiar with this business, for example, through changes of assortment and suppliers, dissolution of consignment stores or receiving/sorting of trade fair goods. In addition, due to the local conditions, there is sufficient capacity for processing returns.

  • Transport and customs handling

    We cooperate with brand-name system providers for the shipment of general cargo, parcels (max. 30 kg) and express shipments. They have the necessary network, know-how and sufficient capacity even during seasonal peaks.

    For enquiries relating to Full Truck Loads (FTL) and Partial Truck Loads (PTL) our transport office basically uses the entire capacity of the market. This means that we are always able to respond quickly and implement customer requests accordingly.

    Our export office is responsible for the handling the formalities required for transport and customs clearance. Our employees are particularly experienced in the field of exports to Switzerland (collective customs procedure) and Russia.

  • Service centre

    Our service centre is available to field all of our customers' questions. Trained employees provide answers about deliveries, the lead time or other topics.
    The service centre also handles the registration of returns. The exact procedure is always based on our customers's wishes.

Logistics locations worldwide.

Highest delivery quota.

Quick facts about the Storch-Ciret Group's logistics centres in Europe


State-of-the-art PMS, Pick-by-MDC
15,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
> 98 % delivery quota within 48 hours
65,000 pallet bays
10 logistics centres
180 employees
21,000 delivery note items/day
48,000 m² floorspace of own facilities

Our address

Storch-Ciret Logistics GmbH
Wildecker Strasse 2
99837 Werra-Suhl-Tal
Telefon: +49 (0) 36922 221 0
E-Mail: logistics@storch-ciret.com

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