The Storch-Ciret Group: Long History, Big Future

People have been decorating their homes since time immemorial and have always needed good tools to do it. Until around a hundred years ago, they almost exclusively used brushes to apply paint; along with the hand axe, one of the oldest of all known human tools. For over 120 years, our company has been writing its own success story about this thousands-of-years-old tool. Our innovations enrich the industry. Our experience and tradition drive us on and commit us to the future.

Milestones in our History


The place where it all begins: entry in the commercial register. At the end of the 19th century, the decorative painters Brueckmann, Boysen and Weber operate the "School of Painting for Decorative Wall Design" in Elberfeld (a ward of Wuppertal). The first sales products are copper stencils.


Takeover by Wilhelm Greten and expansion to an important factory for paintbrushes, rollers and additional painting tools.


Company management taken over by Wilhelm Greten's son-in-law J. R. Rogusch.


Takeover of majority holdings and company management by Horst Rogusch, a grandson of Wilhelm Greten.


China becomes trading partner. First through import, then by building our own production and sales facilities.


We build up distribution, administration and production firms – currently totaling 30 – in Europe and China.


Entry into construction market business through takeover of HBG Barteldrees GmbH.


Number one in Europe: merger of Storch Holding GmbH with the internationally active Ciret Holdings AG to form the Storch-Ciret Holding GmbH, domiciled in Wuppertal. This makes the Storch-Ciret Group the market leader for painting tools in Europe.


New company headquarters: the newly constructed central administration building is inaugurated at the Wuppertal location which is steeped in tradition.