“Relaxed Break” - also from the Flex Office


Even before the Corona pandemic, our employees had the opportunity to take part in the so called “relaxed break” which, depending on the weather, took place either on the roof terrace or in one of our meeting rooms. The purpose of the “relaxed break” is to use 15 minutes of the lunch break to stretch shoulders,  neck and back under expert guidance, to let the soul dangle and get  some health tips for everyday life.

In order to continue to pay attention to a healthy posture in the flex office and to specifically relieve the shoulder and neck muscles, the relaxed break is also offered digitally by our colleague Daniela. Daniela works for us as team leader in Outbound Telesales and in her private life is a qualified trainer and course instructor for Zumba®, mobility training and full-body workouts. She offers the programme to all colleaugues during her lunch break.

The exercises relax the body, awaken the mind and put Corona aside for a moment. Twice a week our staff can participate in the voluntary programme.

We are happy to have such motivated and committed employees who offer us this opportunity!


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