Apprenticeships filled earlier than ever before


Already in the early days of September, we were able to successfully complete the trainee recruiting in Germany for 2021. We are happy to welcome four new trainees, respectively dual students! Usually, our trainee assessment centres do not take place until October. But this year was all different: Many companies are hiring fewer trainees or dual students for 2021. That was clearly noticeable.

Due to the corona protection measures, the assessment centres could not be carried out in the usual way. Instead of inviting six to eight promising candidates to Wuppertal for a one-day assessment centre, single or two-person assessment centres were carried out via video chat. At the end of each interview, a decision was made already and communicated directly. This new speed of reaction was also well received by the candidates.

However, two things also contributed to the process: the possibility of video application and again the "Employees Recruit Employees" program.

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