Off to work by bike!

‘Do práce na kole' has been the motto in the Czech Republic this summer: 'Off to work by bike!’ (or ‘Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit’ in Germany). Here and there colleagues did some serious pedalling – following country campaigns for getting to work by bicycle. In doing so they contributed to the environment as well as for themselves and us. It´s as simple as this: joint initiatives strengthen both health and team spirit. In total, the two teams of the Storch-Ciret Group have cycled more than 3,540 km - more than twice the distance from Wuppertal to Pelhrimov (CZ) and back again. In this way they have saved 669 kg of CO². That´s what sustainable mobility is all about!

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Cemile Özügül
Storch-Ciret Holding GmbH
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