We're Here!

Since April this year, around 85 staff have been working at the new Storch-Ciret Group head office in Wuppertal, Germany. “We have managed to achieve a design concept that allows for a modern, forward-looking way of working, and strengthens a company culture with co-operation and communication at its heart, independent of divisions and hierarchies,” Managing Director Werner Averkamp is pleased to announce about the successful completion of the new development. In the near future, all 150 employees of the Storch-Ciret Group will be able to experience the new workplace culture. Work has already started on plans to convert the Group's buildings that to date have been used as administrative offices and headquarters.

Marketing Communications

Cemile Özügül
Storch-Ciret Holding GmbH
Platz der Republik 6
42107 Wuppertal
E-Mail: c.oezueguel@storch-ciret.com