Despite the Pandemic – Our Field Staff Gives Everything!


For 12 months now, the pandemic has kept us on our toes in its various stages. Many of us work almost exclusively from home. But what about the field staff? We asked our STORCH field staff colleague Oskar Spengler.

Oskar is 39 years old, married, father of three children and lives in his own house on Black Forest. His sales area extends from Rottweil across Lake Constance to Wangen in Allgäu. Oskar also serves parts of the Black Forest.

Despite the pandemic his daily routine has not changed notably. Oskar visits his customers every day, naturally observing all precautionary and hygienic measures. Only few customers from his sales area are currently not receiving any external people. But that is no problem for Oskar, he simply looks after these customers by telephone and via the STORCH web shop. Especially in Covid-19 times, the STORCH web shop is a great support for both, our field staff, and customers.

Oskar's daily life has, however, undergone a small change as he tells us: Since the start of the pandemic he has begun to visit his customers already early in the morning and as they seem to appreciate this very much, he would like to continue this way after Covid-19.

"I have simply stepped on the gas as never before in my life", Oskar Spengler tells us. We celebrate the fact that our field service is so highly motivated and always present as a contact for our customers, despite all the imponderables. Thank you Oskar and also all other colleagues for their commitment.


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