Storch-Ciret Group Marketing Summit 2020


For the first time since Ciret and Storch merged in 2011 the group arranged a summit for all marketing teams from across Europe to get together and share their experiences and goals.

The marketing summit took place on the 5th and 6th of February at the Storch-Ciret Group headquarters in Wuppertal with marketing colleagues from England, Spain, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia and of course Germany. 

After the initial meet and greet, it went straight into sharing information on the current situation as well as marketing aims for 2020. Each representative pictured marketing plans in their countries, what kinds of marketing tools are in use and what the biggest challenges are. This part highlighted very clearly that our customers, business models and marketing strategies have similarities but are implemented and executed differently.

Susanne Schmied from UK explained: "Gaining insights into other markets, customers and seeing how individual companies interact with consumers was not only informative but also inspiring for going forward. By sharing our experiences and goals we all managed to take away new ideas and solutions for the future." 

The 2020 Marketing summit was a big success and will most definitely become a staple in the yearly events calendar. 

Marketing Communications

Cemile Özügül
Storch-Ciret Holding GmbH
Platz der Republik 6
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