TAG DES GUTEN LEBENS Wuppertal 2021 - We were there!


"How can we make our city and our neighbourhood more attractive? What needs to be done now and in future in order to support positive and sustainable urban development?"

These questions, among others, were the focus of the "Tag des guten Lebens (day of good living)" in Wuppertal's Ostersbaum district.

As Storch-Ciret Group we supported our neighbourhood at Platz der Republik and offered the “Nachbarschaftsheim” a stage for an event in the entrance area of our headquarters in Wuppertal. On a large canvas stretched on a frame, the artist Andrea Raak, together with citizens and "city improvers", developed a draft of a vision for a livable and diverse Wuppertal. The artist will put this vision into practice in form and paint on a wall at the “Nordbahntrassen” entrance "Untersteinenfeld" – using our painting tools.




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