Storch-Ciret sets new standards in brush and paint roller production with the opening of China's largest production facility


Zheijang, China, 23 October 2023 – today, the Storch-Ciret Group proudly announced the inauguration of its impressive production facility for brushes and paint rollers in Zheijang, China. What started out as a humble manufacturing plant has grown to become a truly impressive production facility thanks to the tireless efforts and dedication of the local team.

This milestone not only underlines the success of the Storch-Ciret Group as a business, but also lays the foundation for future growth and innovation.

The opening of this state-of-the-art production facility is proof of Storch-Ciret’s commitment to quality and excellence. The company remains true to its principles through its continuing focus on innovation, quality and a commitment to consolidate its position as an industry leader and delight customers worldwide.

With this pioneering production facility, the Storch-Ciret Group is looking forward to strengthening the local economy, but also to further expanding its global presence. This milestone marks a significant step towards a promising future for Storch-Ciret and the industry as a whole.

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