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You tell your team about a new idea you’ve had for attracting customers to the STORCH-Profishop. Only some of your colleagues like the idea. Although your market analysis has shown there would be strong competitive advantages, the idea would be difficult to execute and take quite some time. What do you do in this situation?

  • Try something new without the full support of my team? No thanks. Anyway, maybe my idea simply isn’t good. I drop the project.

    Obviously, we’d all like the full support of our entire team. At Storch-Ciret, however, we don’t let ourselves be discouraged when everybody is not immediately onboard. We’re curious and we give new ideas a go even if the execution proves more difficult or protracted than originally expected. In this situation, we’d bring together all those in the team who like the idea and see if we could jointly find a way to make it happen. We’d use our new and improved concept to convince the whole team – including the sceptics. This is the only way we can ensure our continuous development.

  • I take a second look at the idea and give it more thought. But I only pursue it if I can think of a simpler way to execute it.

    At Storch-Ciret, we’d take another look at the idea as well. But we’d also go a step further: in such a situation, we’d look for the support of the team members who like the idea. After all, together and with a better execution plan, we’d be more likely to convince even those colleagues who are currently sceptical. We’re curious and we continue to pursue ideas even if the execution proves more difficult or protracted than originally expected – usually successfully so.

  • There was also agreement in the team and people who were keen on the idea. We’ll now work together on improving the execution concept so that we can win over even those colleagues who are currently sceptical.

    That’s also how we’d go about this! We’re open to new things and develop creative, sustainable and farsighted ideas. Sometimes they may be more difficult or protracted to execute than originally expected, but we don’t let that stifle our curiosity. We look for support from our team and work together to find a viable solution that everyone can enthusiastically get behind.
    The Storch-Ciret Group offers space for ideas – including yours!