Are you wanting to start collecting practical experience during your studies? Does the prospect of working together on challenging projects excite you? Then you are in the right place. As a trainee or working student, at the Storch-Ciret Group you will be able to gain a detailed insight into the working world of an international company – and will be assigned exciting tasks from the word go. And: you have the chance to build up an invaluable network before you start your career.

Colourful topics instead of grey theory

At the Storch-Ciret Group you will find the perfect conditions for writing a dissertation. We provide practice-oriented topics for student research projects and dissertations. This will allow you to enrich your theoretical knowledge with experiences from working practice - and apply this to practical assignments.

First step to starting a career

We provide you with intensive support in working on your dissertation. On top of that, you will of course also receive a monthly allowance from us as a working student. And anyone who manages to impress us with their dissertation will have a great chance of starting their career directly with us.