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    Our working environment


Everyone brings their own colour into play here

The diversity of our employees is key to our success: everyone is best when they can be themselves. In a cosmopolitan and appreciative environment, everyone can develop their personal strengths and contribute their individuality. This makes us successful together.

In the colourful world of Storch-Ciret, diversity connects. We bring together people of different ages, genders, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. We believe the range of different beliefs, ways of thinking and interests enriches us and how we work together. That’s why we promote dialogue and exchange because creative solutions are created by combining experiences and new things.

As an international company, we work with colleagues from over 17 countries and are a team – across all functional areas, companies and locations.

Design leeway

New ideas emerge where ideas are put into practice

Shaping the future means having the courage to dare to take risks and see mistakes as part of success. That is why we live an open error culture, learn from each other and provide individual and independent freedom. Designers and future thinkers will find their personal space here to simply try out ideas and implement them in a team.

Curiosity is therefore an important part of Storch-Ciret’s corporate culture. Curiosity that drives us all to leave the path we have left, even if it has been successful for a long time. We encourage each other to tread new paths and actively seek opportunities – in an environment that values and promotes openness to new things.

Lively atmosphere

Infectious enthusiasm

It is the goal of our work to inspire our customers with our products and solutions. And this enthusiasm runs through our entire company: we look for challenges, engage in dialogue, inspire and motivate each other.

In a lively working atmosphere, our success is the product of shared will and passion. Our passion in everyday life – what makes us successful.
Do you like developing and driving forward new ideas and projects?

Then you’ll fit perfectly into our team, which not only shapes successes together, but also celebrates them together. You can feel how good it feels every day – in the midst of different personalities that make us who we’re. 

True cohesion

We’re good individually, but much better together

The informal “Du” (you) we live by at Storch-Ciret is much more than just a form of address. It is part of our open and collegial communication, which which contributes to joint networking across all functional areas. Our teamwork is respectful, open and personal – an open-space office building with modern meeting areas is the spatial equivalent of our corporate culture.

Anyone who likes to work on an equal footing in a diverse team and is delighted with the successes achieved together is in the right place. Each of us knows how important our skills and perspectives are in achieving our goals. Because everyone is special in their field, but only together are we the number one in Europe.


Our promises count

The Storch-Ciret Group stands for tradition and the future at the same time. We unite the values of our long history with a view to the future. Our openness to new things, to modern working methods and techniques have their roots in the quality standards and the history of a company that has remained true to itself, even though it has repeatedly reinvented itself.

We don't just tell each other how we act – we also do what we say. This reliability creates a climate of trust that sets free strength and creates scope for independent decisions.
As a company, we know the world is changing. We’re also involved in this process, but without losing our values. This mixture of openness and active continuity has made us so reliable and attractive as an employer that some of our colleagues have been part of our company for a long time.

Also of interest

We’re an excellent employer

  • TOP Company

    The Storch-Ciret Group is officially called a “TOP COMPANY” on the kununu rating platform! We're delighted about this, as this award focuses on a high level of employee satisfaction. Our above-average score not only included the anonymous ratings of our own employees, but also the feedback from our applicants. For us, the award is both a confirmation and an incentive to continue building on our strengths as an employer.



  • Top employer in 2021

    The Storch-Ciret Group is one of Germany’s most family-friendly employers! The Freundin media brand and the Kununu employer rating platform recognise employers who provide family-friendly working conditions and promote a work-life balance.
    The working atmosphere, work-life balance, salary, flexible working hours and the option of working from home were some of the areas evaluated.




    The BEST PLACE TO LEARN® training seal is only awarded to companies that prove they provide outstanding qualifications and better-than-average training for young people. The seal is based on a scientifically recognised quality model, analyses and evaluates all important aspects of the training, involves trainers, trainees and former trainees through 360° feedback and is only awarded on the basis of representative results.



  • New Work Employer 2021

    Creating meaning for work, bringing your own personality, leadership and communication on an equal footing, and flexible working in terms of location and hours – New Work SE awarded us the New Work employer seal as a company that creates a forward-looking working environment. We’re happy to actively meet current requirements in order to find out together which forms of cooperation suit us as a forward-looking company.


  • Top employers 2020

    We’re one of the best employers in the SME sector!
    This award, which was presented by the Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität [Centre for Employer Attractiveness] in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, is given to companies that actively promote an employee-oriented working culture. This is reflected in the understanding of leadership and job satisfaction among the workforce, for example.