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Interview with Mandy – Logistics Clerk

What event in particular conveys for you the value of security and stability at Storch Ciret?

It is the high level of reliability that Storch-Ciret radiates – it keeps whatever promises it makes. This is also a type of honesty that goes both ways. We treat each other with respect and if there are problems, they are addressed and solved. You also feel that everyone has a chance here, regardless of whether someone has completed their vocational training, enters the company as a career changer or is untrained. Storch Ciret not only strives to find the right place for everyone, but also promotes the talents that are recognised.

I was very erratic at the beginning of my professional life, always trying new things. I came to Storch-Ciret to stay. Definitely. The way things are going now, I can imagine staying in this company for a very long time.

What’s great about your job?

Driving a pallet jack is definitely fun, especially the new models. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to get a good workout and that's good for me. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
What’s more, there’s the chance to try something new. Although I can’t choose which department I want to work in, there’s always the option to jump in and so I’ve tried everything except for goods issue and driving a forklift.


And in every respect I often have the opportunity to try out new things and have already managed to step into pretty much every area. We’re also a colourful mix of all age groups and the mood is very family-like.

What challenges come with your job?

Even though the use of technology may not make it seem that way, the work is physically demanding. I have to use the jack to move the shelves and get the boxes out. This takes energy and means long distances. At the end of the day, the pedometer on my mobile will show approximately 54,000 steps. Luckily, I like walking. You shouldn't be afraid of technology either, but most of it quickly becomes routine.

What makes your team different?

We’re a colourful mix of all ages and I feel perfectly at home here. The mood is very family-like, also because everyone at Storch-Ciret uses the informal “Du” when addressing each other. I didn't know that before, but it makes working more personal.
We spend our breaks together. It’s been a bit harder during the pandemic, but somehow it’s still possible. I’ve even cooked for the whole shift. I meet up with some of my colleagues outside of work as I'm friends with them. Because everything is close together here, you even see each other by chance after work in the city.

Why is your employer a good fit for you?

There are several reasons. But the most important one is that I know my employer is fully behind me. This was particularly evident when I had to deal with some personal problems. Storch-Ciret’s leadership expects honesty – and this trustful relationship also supports employees. For me, this is a factor that helps me feel comfortable in my working environment.


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